A Precious 40-Year Treasure Hunt

My journey with Precept Ministries and studying the Bible inductively began in 1983 when I attended an annual Christian women’s conference in Waterloo, Ontario. The book table at the conference was filled with a variety of Precept Upon Precept study books. This setting was the first time that I had heard of Precept Ministries. By divine appointment, I picked up the study on the book of Philippians. This turned out to be the first study I was part of with two other ladies around my kitchen table, and, praise the Lord, it just blossomed from there.

It was a joy, and true gift from the Lord, to have the privilege to be part of several leaders’ training workshops. The Ministry rounded up those who were starting to lead and began training and equipping us with Kay Arthur and Betsy Bird. The Ministry has truly excelled in preparing its leaders.

Inductively studying God’s Word has had a significant impact on my life and the lives of those in my study groups over the years. A new believer in my current group recently shared that the Inductive Study method was life-changing. She said, “I am really hearing from God and not man.” She was excited to experience some victory over her struggles and shared how God was helping her stand up to negative thoughts and emotions. She mentioned that using God’s Word helped her not to listen to, or be bullied by, negative thoughts. She realized that she could do something about them. Another lady in the group mentioned that she has learned that it doesn’t matter what we think. What is truly important is what God says. What a special blessing to see how God is using His Word to transform lives through Inductive Bible Study.

I, personally, have seen how inductively studying God’s Word helps us handle His truth more accurately and can keep us from false teaching and wrong doctrine as we consider the whole council of God’s Word. One of the principles of inductive study that stands out to me, as of late, is that Scripture will never contradict Scripture because God cannot contradict Himself.

During this past year, I have been a part of the E-Team prayer meetings and have seen God work in amazing ways as He hears and answers prayer. I strongly encourage E-Team members to join us for this precious gathering before the throne of God. Contact Precept Ministries if you are interested.

Several years ago, I dedicated my life to serving God and found that there is no greater joy than growing in His Word and serving Him. Warfare can rage, and we may become weary and discouraged, but we need to keep serving. I remember a quote by a dear pastor, “I will not quit; by God’s grace, I can make it.”

I feel blessed to have been a part of Precept Ministries for almost forty years. Studying God’s Word is a precious treasure hunt. The deeper we dig, the more truth we discover that we can apply to our lives by God’s grace. It is my prayer that we would all keep digging.


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