Covid-19 has been part of our lives for 7 months and the prediction of a second wave feels imminent for Canada as we continue to see an increase of positive cases across Canada. Our ministry continues to follow the pandemic closely to see how Precept will be impacted by the end of 2020.

In March we transitioned the ministry to an online format for both classes and training workshops. This has had a positive outcome for many students and leaders across the country. As lockdowns were put in place and people were asked to stay at home, we witnessed an increase in the number of students attending classes through our online platform. The Results Are In! Over the last 7 months more than 40 classes have started with 820 students participating. We have run 63 training workshops with more than 1000 participants. There is a hunger for God’s Word during difficult times. Our most popular course has been the 40 Minute Bible Study, Breaking Free from Fear.

Since the beginning of the pandemic I have received several stories of how God has been working through the online studies to make an impact in people’s lives; including this email from Wanda, a Precept student who continues to trust the Lord’s plans for her life as well as her husband’s.

Good morning Mark,

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this study and other studies through Precept. I would like to share a testimony with you.I was part of the study Breaking Free From Fear, led by Monique recently on Saturday mornings. There was no way of me knowing that by doing this study it would be reaching my husband who really needs to hear the words of the Lord. He has had some major struggles in his life and will have nothing to do with church, Bible studies, or anything pertaining to knowing the Lord. While participating in this study, my husband could hear what was being said each week. On occasions he would suggest that I could turn the volume up, so I did not have to strain to hear what was being said. I could hear just fine but would increase the volume. On our last Saturday lesson, he could hear everyone’s comment about it being our last study. Once we signed off from the Zoom meeting this was the conversion – So today was the last day? Yes, it was. Well, will there be another one? Yes, there will but I do not think there is another study on Saturday morning. Oh, OK. I enjoyed listening to you guys.  Only the Lord would have known that this Zoom Bible study would have an impact on my husband. I am so very grateful. My husband has also listened a few times to your 1 Thessalonians podcast. Only the Lord knows what lies ahead for my husband but I know I am grateful for the way He has made it possible for my husband to hear His Word and the testimony of others taking part through a Zoom Precept Bible Study, in the comfort of our home.

Thank you to Precept for these great studies.”    Wanda, Precept Student

Throughout September we have seen many changes due to Covid-19. Instead of seeing multiple classes ordering their books we have seen hundreds of smaller orders for student materials as social distancing and group gatherings are hindering groups from meeting in person throughout the country. Normally from mid-August to the end of September we are overwhelmed by the number of class orders we are distributing across Canada. Our ministry continues to keep an eye on how we can best serve Canada to ensure Bible studies are available through this pandemic. Our goal is to make sure Canadians are still engaged in God’s Word and the online platform has been a great benefit but it’s not for everyone. Some of our leaders are struggling with technology or have great concerns about leading through an online platform. We will continue to offer training and support to leaders who are looking for creative ways to lead studies.

As we head into the final quarter of ministry in 2020 my prayer is that God will provide for all ministry needs across Canada. Whether it be through gifts that come to our headquarters to finance leadership training, online classes, and training workshops, my prayer is that God will provide open doors across Canada to make a greater impact as we equip leaders to lead life changing Bible studies.

Our culture has changed forever and the need for God’s Word to make an impact around the world is even greater than before. Both Christians and non-Christians need to be transformed by the Word of God. The world is filled with fear. Fear over the pandemic, fear over who will be the next ruler in government, fear over finances and even death.

There is only one answer to all these problems and that is Jesus Christ and the very words spoken by God through the 66 books of the Bible.

Will you partner with us as we strive to be obedient to God’s purpose for Precept? With your investment in Precept, we can make an impact in this country. If you have participated in a Precept Bible Study or Precept training workshop, you know the impact that Precept Inductive Bible study has made in your life and I would encourage you to share this blessing with others through financial partnership. Your financial gifts bless people in Canada with online classes, leadership training, translation, and the development of new Bible studies.

Your gift will make an impact today, tomorrow, and for eternity.


Mark Sheldrake


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