Praise the LORD!

In 2018 Jessica and I had the most wonderful experience on Easter morning.  The Israel tour we were hosting made sure our itinerary put us in Jerusalem for Easter weekend.  We walked from the Mount of Olives to the city and we visited Golgotha (the Place of the Skull) where Jesus was crucified.  On Good Friday I preached the gospel in Caiaphas’s house to not only our tour but many other groups who were listening.  On Easter Sunday we had a life-changing opportunity to participate in a sunrise service at the Garden Tomb.  For a few moments, we looked toward the empty tomb in awe that Jesus conquered sin and death and had risen from the grave.

Hundreds of people from around the world joined in singing the song In Christ Alone.  I felt like I was in heaven as everyone sang the song in their own languages, but it sounded like a mass choir.  For a moment we were all united in celebration of Jesus and His wonderful work on the cross.

My prayer is that as we celebrate Easter that we would focus on Jesus and give praise to Him.


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