God At Work Across Canada

Apr 1, 2019

This year is off to a great start. In February, we held the Hold Fast Conference in Abbotsford, BC with more than 500 participating as David and Kay Arthur taught from 1 Peter. Through this conference, I had the opportunity to return to the province in mid-March for workshops in Langley and Chilliwack, as well as a special gathering of eager Precept students in Nanaimo.

In Langley, more than 50 people attended How to Study New Testament Letters. As I arrived at the workshop, I was greeted by those who had attended the conference. Many of them were new to the inductive study method, and others were overjoyed that their family members were at the workshop to learn new skills in studying the Bible.

In Chilliwack, we had more than 25 people come together to study John 17 and take leadership training in the 40-Minute Bible studies. Please be in prayer for the participants of these workshops as they begin to use their skills in study and leadership.

I also had the opportunity to travel with one of our trainers Elaine Pusch to Edmonton, AB to host Precept Upon Precept Leader Training, as well as the workshops How to Study New Testament Letters and Essentials of Inductive Bible Study. In our full leadership training class, all of the participants had an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and put those skills to practice in teaching a portion of a lesson. Each participant was evaluated and qualified to become a Precept Upon Precept leader.

In Elaine’s Essentials of Inductive Study workshop, she introduced a room full of new people to the Precept Inductive Bible Study Method through 1 Thessalonians. After the workshop was completed, we learned that our workshop host, Shelley Woodcox, had gained five new students for her Daniel Precept Upon Precept class. A few students who came Friday night returned on Saturday to further sharpen their skills in study.

Finally, in Nanaimo, we gathered in a local coffee shop and our discussion together was focused on how we can build the ministry, start more classes and support each other on the island. We prayed for God to open doors for training and more Bible study classes on the island. Over the past year, we tried multiple times to host training workshops, but each time they were cancelled due to lack of participation. This is a disheartening situation for our local hosts, as well as the ministry team who puts in a great effort to see people engaged in studying God’s Word. After a time of reflection and being in contact with one of the E-Team members, we concluded that for God to work on the island we must be in unity with Him, working as a team and praying for God to open doors for new leaders.  In the fall we will host Precept Upon Precept Leader Training on the island with the hopes of seeing new classes started.

I’ve been so encouraged by what God has been doing in the first quarter of this year. The calendar is filling up with workshops all over the country. There’s a desire from local leaders to engage more people in relationship with God through knowing His Word.

Join us in seeing what God is doing firsthand. Consider hosting a workshop in your church! The Essentials of Inductive Bible Study workshop is a great workshop to introduce people to the study method. The How to Study New Testament Letters workshop is great for developing skills in study. If you are interested in becoming a Precept Upon Precept leader, look for our leadership workshops. Each workshop is limited in numbers, and we’re looking to offer them all over the country.

For more information on hosting or participating in training, visit our website. Don’t forget our Hold Fast Conference in September in Brantford, ON! This is a phenomenal opportunity to introduce people to inductive Bible study. Invite your friends, family, and church to join us in filling Central Baptist Church. We’re praying that the Ontario conference will spark the same growth we’re seeing in British Columbia following that conference.


Mark Sheldrake
Precept Ministries International (Canada), National Director

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