God at Work: Impact in Quebec

May 1, 2019

In 2016, Precept made a financial commitment to invest more resources in ministry that will impact French-speaking Canadians. This investment is now bearing fruit for the glory of God. Here’s how the Lord is using your financial resources:

1. Translation. In 2016, Precept had 4 French studies in use around the world. As of this year, there are 18 studies translated, as well as 2 

training workshop manuals. There are still 5 studies in the process of being translated, and the funds to complete the translation have been committed. Once completed, there will be 23 studies in French, from our D4Y children’s series to Precept Upon Precept. Please continue to pray for our translations as we seek individuals who can partner with us in getting the books ready for printing.

“These little study books are jewels. I could say that yes, I know what the Bible says, but with these tools I must dig and search and reflect. Sometimes I leave everything on the table, and I come back the next day! It is also, for me, a time of face to face with the invisible that becomes visible. This allows me to anchor myself a little more solidly in my faith and sometimes it raises questions!” 
Janine B., Duhamel-Ouest, QC

2. Training Workshops. Precept is running training workshops in many areas of Quebec. Our trainers and leaders, Christine Harkins and Markus and Esther Hauser, are partnering with churches to teach our 40 Minute Leadership workshops and Essentials of Inductive Bible Study. This summer, they’ll be learning to lead the study skills workshop How to Study New Testament Letters. These training workshops are making an impact in the lives of those who are attending. Hundreds of French Canadians are attending our training workshops in person and online. The impact of this training is leading to the development of Bible study classes in Quebec.

“The trainings really work because they lead to another perspective that people can see more. When I came home after the training of 3 hours on that Saturday morning, I came home on fire … I taught my wife the little lessons we did and that brought her to things she hadn’t seen yet.” 
Nicolas P., Quebec City, QC

3. French Ministry Coordinators. At the end of 2018, Jessica and I travelled to Quebec City to meet with our trainers Markus and Esther Hauser. The Lord has been working through them over the past 3 years to grow the ministry in Quebec. Markus and Esther, in partnership with Christine Harkins, have increased the number of Bible studies distributed in Quebec by 110% in 2018! This impact is massive as it shows us that our investments in translation and training are bearing fruit. In our meeting, we invited Markus and Esther to join our staff on a part-time basis to help further the ministry growth in Quebec, provide a budget for travel expenses, and give them the freedom to travel throughout Quebec to provide training and promote Precept Ministries at local conferences. The growth of Precept in Quebec has come much more quickly than anticipated, and the need for bilingual staff has come well ahead of our 5-year plan for ministry in Quebec. We’re so thankful that God has sent us Markus, Esther, and Christine to do training and to coordinate the ministry in Quebec.

“Thank you for the course and ministry of Esther and Markus who gave back to the life of the church. Their love for God is contagious. I liked the possible sharing between brothers and various dominations and the course which would have been also profitable to the unconverted and new converts. Summaries at the beginning and end of the courses are very profitable. Thank you! I wish that these learned truths could shine in my life and give others the taste to live, to walk for Christ, and to apply the forgiveness of God.” 
Nancie R., Mont-Joli, QC

As Precept has stepped out in faith, we’re thankful for others across the country who have done the same to provide resources needed to minister in Quebec. From individuals to Bible study classes, we’ve raised more than $85,000 for ministry in French!

But there’s much more to be done! We’re asking God to provide $25,000 for French ministry in Canada this year. You can join with Markus, Esther, and Christine to make an even greater impact in Quebec with a financial gift. These gifts will be directed to French ministry to provide more training opportunities, translation services, and cover the expenses of growing the ministry in Quebec.

Please prayerfully consider how you can partner in this way.  Please also continue to pray for Markus and Esther, our French coordinators, as well as Christine Harkins,
our trainer.



Yes, I want to partner with Precept so they can continue to raise up and train Bible Study Leaders across Canada!

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