How to Disciple Your Students?

Discipleship is more than leading a weekly class // A few years ago, when a group of Precept trainers met for our summer training, we were challenged to read the book,The Lost Art of Disciple Making’ by Leroy Eims. This book has had a significant impact on me in both challenging my view of discipleship and encouraging the growth the Lord wanted to provide in my life. In the introduction of the book, Eims challenges us with this thought:


Every believer in Jesus deserves the opportunity of personal nurture and development. Every new believer is expected to achieve his or her full potential for God. And most of them would if they had the opportunity — if someone would give them the help they need — if someone would give them the training they should have — if someone would care enough to suffer a little, sacrifice a little, and pray a lot.

Read those words again slowly.


In that season, God was teaching me that He does not call us to be all that we can be, all on our own. Instead, he calls us to pour ourselves out for others like a drink offering. One of the great lessons the Lord was teaching me was in emptying myself. That is where He powerfully revealed my frailty and weakness. It was and continues to be the perfect time for the Lord to display His strength. Scripture tells us that every day God gives us on this earth, He gives us everything we need for life and godliness. This means that He will be faithful to supply everything we need to disciple the people He brings into our lives.  Discipleship at its core is helping others follow Jesus, and this flows from being a disciple of Jesus. This truth challenged me that day reading Eims’ book as I realized that not to make disciples (in the Spirit’s power) is to disobey Jesus.


I don’t know if you have noticed, but the Precept class model is based around disciples making disciples! Every aspect of our training is rooted in me (a trainer) showing you (a leader), followed by you doing and then showing someone else (a student) what you are learning. It is genius!


What does it look like as a leader to engage in discipling those who the Lord has brought into your classes in 2021? Start with praying for your class members by name. Be intentional as you reach out to students and develop a plan to engage a few in deeper discipleship. As you study and grow in your leadership with Precept, remember that you are not merely learning for your benefit but also for the benefit of others. Guiding others in their walk with Christ is a joy many overlook and often takes sacrifice. Studies show that the most efficient way to maximize retention of truth is to teach truth. If you carry out this exercise, your retention percentage will be significantly increased! We can often retain up to 90% of what we can teach (The Learning Pyramid Model). Our Precept training team is always looking for opportunities to offer skill training to leaders so that you are able to be modelling a deep understanding of the Inductive Bible Study Method, all the while discipling those the Lord has brought to you. We desire to build a strong team of leaders who intentionally disciple others. Do your part by making a plan and signing up for a leader refresher workshop in 2021! (CLICK HERE to register & find out more.)

I often allowed others to see God’s strength shine out of my feeble attempts to follow Him. Be encouraged by my testimony that God supplies everything we need to disciple those He brings into our lives. 

How do we disciple? Paul commanded us to imitate him just as he imitated Jesus.  By His good pleasure, we are daily working out our salvation in fear and trembling, which is pleasing to our Father (Philippians 2:12-13).  The key, of course, is for us to continually discard our self-reliance and rely wholly on the Holy Spirit to enable us to accomplish supernaturally what we cannot accomplish naturally.


My best decision started at my kitchen table when I intentionally began seeking who God was leading me to disciple in a season when I was willing but weak.  I often allowed others to see God’s strength shine out of my feeble attempts to follow Him.  Be encouraged by my testimony that God supplies everything we need to disciple those He brings into our lives.  It costs to follow Jesus, but it costs more not to!


I will leave with you three areas that I am continually challenged by from Eims regarding my leadership role here at Precept:

1)  Where are we suffering a little to disciple?
2)  What are we sacrificing a little to disciple?
3)  How are we doing with praying a lot for our groups and engaging our group members to pray for one another and for others to invite? 


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