Ignite Your Passion for God Podcast

Have you ever jumped in your car, started it and then found yourself at your destination with no clear idea how you got there?  It’s a weird feeling to realize you are awake but you mentally have checked out.  What’s even worse is when operating on autopilot places you on a road you never intended, such as when you realize you are driving to work when you planned to go to the grocery store.  This same thing can happen in or spiritual lives, we can be on autopilot, going through all of the motions of our faith but there not really being any passion or excitement for the things of God.  Over the next 6 episodes of Unlocking the Truth will look at why we become apathetic to the things of God and 5 ways to Ignite your passion for God.

Join us bi-weekly for 6 episodes to Ignite your Passion for God starting October 11th


Get your book to study along with us and make the most of this amazing study!  In a world with things that compete for your attention, have your heart renewed and reignited with a fire of faith in the one that deserves all our attention and satisfies us completely.