In Faith Alone Podcast

The book of Romans is known as the best letter ever written. This letter is filled with foundational truths. Some have called it the constitution of our faith. Over sixteen episodes of Romans we will look at four main segments:

  1. The problem is sin — The solution is Jesus
  2. Sanctification by faith
  3. God’s sovereignty
  4. Living, loving and serving in the light of the Truth


Get your book to study along with us and make the most of this amazing study! The book of Romans is Paul’s clearest presentation of the gospel. With this new study, readers will discover for themselves God’s answers to some of life’s most important questions and give you the same confidence as Paul had for the Gospel.

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Segment 1: The Problem is Sin – The Solution is Jesus

Segment 2: Sanctification by Faith

Segment 3: God’s Sovereignty

10. Chapter 9 – Israel did not Pursue Righteousness by Faith

Segment 4: Living, Loving, Serving in light of the Truth


13. Chapter 12 – A Transformed Life Loves One Another