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Christ’s Return: Are You Ready?

Jun 6, 2018

In 1969, Larry Norman released an album called Upon this Rock. In the late 60s, his genre of Christian Rock faced a lot of opposition, not only from the Christian community, but also the mainstream music scene. Larry described his album as twelve love songs to Jesus.

One of the songs on this album was called I Wish We’d All Been Ready. This song was released during the Vietnam War. The lyrics point to the time of Christ’s return and the gathering of believers. Here is some of what Norman wrote: “I wish we’d all been ready. There’s no time to change your mind… How could you have been so blind? The Father spoke, the demons dined, The Son has come, and you’ve been left behind.”

In Matthew 24, Jesus taught His disciples concerning the end times and His return. As He spoke of the signs of His return, He prepared the disciples. But He never left them with the date of when His return would happen. Jesus said, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone. For the coming of the Son of Man will be just like the days of Noah” (Matthew 24:36–37).

Jesus goes on to say that people will live their worldly lives not paying attention, and being relaxed and lazy concerning the truth. They won’t get why disciples of Jesus are prepared and alert and waiting for Christ’s return. But Jesus says they’ll get it when one man in the field is taken and the other is left. Think about this for a moment: truth about Christ’s return won’t become truth for the spiritually blind until it’s too late.

Do you have a burden for the lost? What about those who sit in our churches who are drowning in apathy thinking they have all the time in the world to get ready for Christ’s return? “I’ll live my way now and then when the time is right, I’ll get ready.” The consequences of this type of lifestyle should have alarm bells ringing, because we have no idea when Jesus Christ will return or when He’ll take us home.

Friends, are you prepared to meet your God (Amos 4:12)? The goal of this ministry is to equip you in your preparation. The Precept Inductive Bible Study Method is a powerful tool to help you better understand and apply the truth of God’s Word. Our sound Bible studies are valuable resources to discipline you in your study. Our tools are also great for studying with others.

As you prepare to meet God face to face, I want to encourage you to find someone else and prepare them for the day they will bow before Jesus. Our time is short, and the need is great. Go. Make disciples.


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