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Dear Friend, my beloved co-labourer,

I have a request to share with you. Something heavy on my heart …

Something that had been on my heart even before we started this ministry in 1970. Something we’ve been doing but can speed up significantly. Please read this and pray to God about doing what I long for you to do.

PLEASE stay with me. Read this prayerfully, RIGHT THROUGH THE “P.S.”

When God birthed this ministry, He laid it on my heart that we had to bring children (as well as teens and adults) face to face with the truths of God’s Word. Not for children to just read stories about God and His Word, but for them to know God’s Word itself so they could have a personal, deepening relationship with Him.

Why? Because God says, “… it is your life …” (Deuteronomy 32:47) and Jesus said, “It is the bread by which we live” (Matthew 4:4).

In those early summers at Precept Ministries, while I taught the women how to study the Word, the teens we had discipled were teaching children what God said about Himself. (I wish you could have seen it—the children loved saying the “big words” like omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, sovereign, etc., along with body language that demonstrated each attribute!

The next thing we did was write a children’s inductive study called Line Upon Line, taught by Leo the Lion from the tribe of Judah. Some of you will remember that!

When God brought Janna Arndt to Chattanooga, she and I started coauthoring the Discover 4 Yourself®children’s series. The series was enhanced when God sent Betty McAllister, Ed.D., to write teacher guides so the Discover 4 Yourself® series could be used in schools and to help homeschooling parents.

And now those children’s studies have been translated into numerous languages and spread abroad to 180 countries where the demand is greater than our budget for these invaluable studies!

From public schools to refugee camps, to street children in Brazil and Muslim children in the Middle East, little children who Jesus wanted to come to Him … are coming!

And now we have an exciting addition for reaching even more children! For several years, many have been asking and praying for an inductive study for children who cannot yet read and write.

Well, Beloved, God has answered our prayers! IT IS HERE! And we want you to have a copy so you can see it for yourself, hold it in your hands and …

. . . AND WHAT???? Keep reading! I’ll tell you! First, some eye-openers.

The Barna Group tells us from their research: “The first seven years [of life] constitute the period for laying the foundations of religion. This is the most important period in the whole of a person’s life in determining his later religious attitudes.”

The latest research tells us only 4% of the youngest generation being surveyed has a biblical worldview! What does this tell us about the culture of North America?

Now look at North America’s morals: evil is called good and good evil. Where will it all end? God tells us righteousness exalts a nation, that sin is a reproach to any people and our sins will find us out. God does not let sin go unpunished. He can’t. He is God. He has told us what to do in respect to children. In 2 Timothy 3:15, God tells us from childhood Timothy knew the Scriptures, which gave him the wisdom that leads to salvation through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

So what do I beg you to do, Beloved, for the sake of the kingdom, of North America, of the world?

  • Start by praying for the youth of this world. These children will never know life—eternal life—apart from Christ. And how will they know apart from hearing and learning about the One who lived, died and rose again, the precious Son of God, the Christ?
  • Help us reach the youth and their parents! When you send a gift of any amount to help support the work of Precept around the world, we will send you our brand-new children’s study called Who Created It? There is nothing like it on the market! It starts in Genesis 1—where God starts laying the foundation for the rest of His Word.

This is an exciting opportunity for you to help make an impact on the next generation—for now and for eternity!

And here’s the AND WHAT: I hope you’ll share the book with a special child in your life to help them learn about God! He will show you. Maybe it can be a gift for a neighbour, a friend or a family member! I, personally, would love to hear how God leads you. It is so awesome to be led by God!!! YOU ARE GOING TO BE EXCITED, BELOVED. THIS IS KINGDOM WORK!

Love…and many thanks,

Kay and the whole Precept Family

PS. Beloved, do help us. Send in your gift today, or give online at www.preceptministries.ca/create, to help us reach children in Canada and around the world. But don’t wait! (Offer expires 9/1/2018.)

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