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About six or seven years ago, my dear friend Krista came to me after church and said, “Hey! I signed you up for a Precept Bible study! You’re gonna love it!” She was so right; I absolutely loved it.

I can’t believe how much I’ve learned over the years through doing Precept Inductive studies and, more importantly, how much my relationship has grown with my Saviour. It’s been hard not to be able to get together with our lovely group of ladies from whom I’ve learned so much. I’m also so thankful to Leanne for leading us.

The day before we got the email that the Precept study on Daniel was going to be available, I had been praying about doing a study on my own because I was missing it so much. I was so thankful for the answer to prayer!

Daniel has been excellent so far! As a child who grew up in this church and attended Sunday school, I knew the basics of Daniel. God shut the lions’ mouths, and everyone lived happily ever after. I knew there was some prophecy in there as well, but I never dug deeper into the book of Daniel.

I love that God is constantly showing us in His word that we can go to Him with every need, just as Daniel did. He will always see us through. He is always in control, which right now in our current time is so reassuring. He’s got this! And we can fully trust Him because of His promises.

If Daniel can be so brave as to trust God to shut the lions’ mouths or to give him the knowledge of the king’s visions and interpret them, indeed, we can trust Him to see us through this difficult time.

We as a family are also enjoying Mark Sheldrake’s messages on Daniel! It’s always great to get even more insight every week while studying. We’re thankful that we can still watch church online and can’t wait to have outdoor church soon!


— By Michelle Brazeau

“I love that God is constantly showing us in His word that we can go to Him with every need, just as Daniel did.”

It’s crazy exciting for my family and me to find ourselves in an Old Testament book. There’s no better way than to hear and read the great stories of our God working in the hearts and minds of His people. Daniel is full of some incredible stories: from lions to furnaces and crazy dreams! Avery and I sat down Tuesday morning and began our study of the book. In the first lesson of the In & Out workbook, my task was to read the first six chapters of Daniel. One particular passage stood out for me, Daniel 4:34–35. ‘…for His dominion is an everlasting dominion, and His kingdom endures from generation to generation; all the inhabitants of the earth are accounted as nothing, and He does according to His will among the host of heaven and among the inhabitants of the earth: and NONE can stay his hand or say to Him, “What have you done?’ This is absolutely remarkable because it came from the mouth of King Nebuchadnezzar, not Daniel! The enemy king of the Babylonians spoke those incredible words! Do you think our days are filled with crazy? Is our God sovereign over all of them? You better believe He is—just ask Daniel! Get into the Word and your workbooks; great treasure awaits you and me!


— By Les Block


Our family has been thoroughly enjoying this sermon series on Daniel. Our children are much more attentive to listening to the sermon on Sunday mornings, especially Caleb, although Janessa does surprise us with what she hears even when it doesn’t seem like she’s listening. This past weekend we watched ‘The Book of Daniel’ DVD as a family. Yes, it is a low-budget movie. Still, it does follow the Biblical narrative very closely. Our kids knew exactly what was coming in the first half of the film because we’ve been studying it for the last few weeks.


They were surprised when it came to the part that we just heard this Sunday—Daniel is an old man! It was a good learning experience for us to stop and explain that the book of Daniel takes place over 70 years, and Daniel is not going to stay young. How often do we read ‘Daniel and the Lion’s Den’ to our kids and picture Daniel as a younger man, not in his 80s! After Sunday’s service, we all agreed that while we were reading Daniel chapter five during the sermon, we were all picturing what we had seen on the screen the night before! It has been really good to go through each chapter and have it tied all together, and having the kid’s study book has kept it fresh in all of our minds each day for the past month!

— By Jen Paul

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