Ignite Your Passion For God — 40-Min Study

Ignite Your Passion For God — 40-Min Study


by Kay Arthur & Mark Sheldrake
6 Lessons

What does it take to fuel a faith that burns bright, no matter what?

At different times in spiritual journeys, developing a lack of interest toward the things of God, is something that can often cause conflict in the lives of those who want to seek Him. Instead of being fuelled by spiritual passion, faith seems to be running on autopilot. Sputtering to a halt, forming excuses to avoid spiritual engagements are becoming noticeably more apparent in your life.

However, through this six-week “Ignite your Passion” Bible study, open your eyes to these distractions. Regain control of the things that can undermine your interest in God. You can discover practical steps to take to ignite a fire that will propel toward a deeper, more meaningful faith and ultimately grow your relationship with God.



These revolutionary, no-homework, 6-week studies are an easy introduction to inductive study. They have proven great for small groups and have a unique format that includes Scripture alongside the text. Zoom in on the issues you care about and learn to think about them as God does. These focused, self-contained studies guide you into God’s Word one topic at a time, 6 weeks at a time, with no homework. Learn to think biblically and discover what God has to say about your real-life questions. These softcover workbooks include Scripture alongside instructions, questions and informative insights to aid your inductive study experience.