Abraham IBSC — Digital Teacher’s Guide CD

Abraham IBSC — Digital Teacher’s Guide CD


ABRAHAM — A Journey of Faith
Inductive Bible Study Curriculum
Genesis 12-25
Digital Teacher’s Guide CD

Abraham was ordinary, but through God’s promise, his life became extraordinary. God used Abraham’s faith in Him to impact every nation and generation on earth — including you and your student! Abraham isn’t the only one God can take from ordinary to extraordinary!

Abraham — A Journey of Faith (Genesis 12-25) Inductive Bible Study Curriculum Digital Teacher’s Guide on CD (plus other Teacher Helps) — 6 Units of Study. Bring the power of inductive Bible study to the classroom with these in-depth courses. Complete with Teacher’s Guide, Precept’s Inductive Bible Study Curriculum is the perfect package for classroom Bible instruction.

Includes a printable Teacher’s Guide and all content of the Teacher’s Helps CD.

Teacher Helps CD Contents:

  • Maps
  • Charts
  • Observation Worksheets
  • Copy-ready Tests and Quizzes
  • Arsenal Verses (by Unit)

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