Joseph — IBSC

Joseph — IBSC

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JOSEPH — Surrendering to God’s Sovereignty
Inductive Bible Study Curriculum
Genesis 37-50
4 Units of Study

Through diligent, inductive study they will learn how to rise above their circumstances and live victoriously through the power of knowing that God is with them. . . even when their dreams are shattered. Students will focus on Genesis 37-50 and learn life-altering truths about God’s sovereignty in the midst of adversity, how to handle injustice, and how a young man and woman can keep their ways pure.


Inductive Bible Study Curriculum (IBSC)
Bring the power of inductive Bible study to the classroom with these in-depth courses. Complete with Teacher’s Guide, Precept’s Inductive Bible Study Curriculum is the perfect package for classroom Bible instruction.

The following items are available:

  • Printed Student Workbook.
  • Printed Teacher’s Guide contains answers to quizzes and tests.
  • Teacher Helps CD for all the Observation Worksheets, maps, charts, copy-ready Tests and Quizzes, and the Arsenal Verses by unit.
  • Digital Teacher’s Guide CD for the digital version of the Teacher’s Guide on CD plus the Teacher Helps CD.

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Joseph IBSC — Student Workbook

Joseph IBSC — Teacher's Guide

Joseph IBSC — Teacher Helps CD

Joseph IBSC — Digital Teacher's Guide CD