Joshua — IBSC

Joshua — IBSC

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JOSHUA — The Battle Begins
Inductive Bible Study Curriculum
7 Units of Study

The Book of Joshua tells the story of one man who was strong and courageous – a man singled out by God to lead his generation to victory and holiness. Students will discover that God called Joshua to fulfill His plan even in the midst of struggles and oppositions. How did he stand in the face of opposition? Where did he turn during trials and conflicts? What did he know about God that gave him the strength and courage he needed to be victorious? God is ready to lead your student to victory as well. They too can know Joshua’s God! Consider how this knowledge can change their lives!


Inductive Bible Study Curriculum (IBSC)
Bring the power of inductive Bible study to the classroom with these in-depth courses. Complete with Teacher’s Guide, Precept’s Inductive Bible Study Curriculum is the perfect package for classroom Bible instruction.

The following items are available:

  • Printed Student Workbook.
  • Printed Teacher’s Guide contains answers to quizzes and tests.
  • Teacher Helps CD for all the Observation Worksheets, maps, charts, copy-ready Tests and Quizzes, and the Arsenal Verses by unit.
  • Digital Teacher’s Guide CD for the digital version of the Teacher’s Guide on CD plus the Teacher Helps CD.

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Joshua IBSC — Student Workbook


Joshua IBSC — Teacher's Guide


Joshua IBSC — Teacher Helps CD

Joshua IBSC — Digital Teacher's Guide CD