Judges — IBSC

Judges — IBSC

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JUDGES — A Deliverer Arises
Inductive Bible Study Curriculum
7 Units of Study

The period of the Judges is one of the darkest recorded in Israel’s history. Though it is a book seldom studied or taught, it is very relevant for today! Apathy was rampant. Like a plague, it consumed the hearts of Israel. Murder, religious corruption, rape, homosexuality, war, terror, nation oppressing nation; these things were as common then as they are today. In this course, students discover similarities between Judges and their generation. They will answer: What consequences face a nation, city, church, or even a group of friends when no one stands up for what is right when society says there are no absolutes? How does God respond to apathy and what hope is there for those who are in its deadly grip? Is there a deliverer? The judges radically impacted their world through faith and obedience to God. What can happen in your students’ world if they choose to follow God? Could your students be the individuals that turn the tide of this generation?


Inductive Bible Study Curriculum (IBSC)
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  • Digital Teacher’s Guide CD for the digital version of the Teacher’s Guide on CD plus the Teacher Helps CD.

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Judges IBSC — Student Workbook


Judges IBSC — Teacher's Guide


Judges IBSC — Teacher Helps CD

Judges IBSC — Digital Teacher's Guide CD