Did you know that Amazon and other online retailers do not support Precept Ministries?

We understand that the cost of shipping materials across Canada continues to rise due to fees that are outside of our control. Due to rising fuel costs and the cost of inflation, Canada Post has increased our fees by almost 35% since the pandemic started. We continue to seek out lower-cost shipping methods to keep the costs down for you. Some websites hide shipping costs in the price of items and offer “free” shipping, but praise God that Precept has not raised their prices in 20 years to make sure our materials remain accessible. Precept does not benefit from the shipping charges you see on our website.

Here is some important information for you:

  • Purchasing your study materials from Amazon and other online retailers support the publisher of our materials, but not Precept Ministries.  Precept receives pennies for every book purchased from places like Amazon.
  • For every book purchased through Precept Ministries website the ministry receives dollars from that purchase.  Purchasing from Precept directly allows the ministry to use those dollars to develop and publish new studies, invest in more translations, and support international ministry.

As we witness the increase of prices in every aspect of our lives, please continue to support Precept Ministries through our E-Store.  Every purchase you make with us is an investment in furthering the Kingdom of God around the world.