Yes, I want to partner with Precept so they can continue to raise up and train Bible Study Leaders across Canada!

Hear from one of our trainers, Sandra, about what the Lord is doing through Precept in Ottawa.

Hear Christa’s journey of how Inductive Bible study has changed the way she interacts with God’s Word.


Nov 8, 2019

 This year has been a year of blessing and change. We witnessed God at work in so many ways. The ministry continues to grow as new leaders, new students and new classes are started across the country. In February, Kay and David Arthur joined us in Abbotsford, BC for the Hold Fast Conference, and in September Hold Fast was held here in in Brantford, ON. With almost 1000 people between the conferences, we witnessed many people get involved with Precept.  

This year has also been a year filled with many changes. As you read this Plumbline, we just passed our first anniversary in the new building. We experienced blessings from this new home as we develop relationships with the staff and parents of the daycare.  

Recently, a parent walked into our offices to share her heartbreaking story of the loss of her 24 year-old son in a work accident. This woman shared with Jessica her love for reading and she was reading romance novels to take her mind from the pain of her loss. Jessica had the opportunity to give her the book Lord, Where Are You When Bad Things Happen? and encouraged her to start reading this book in place of her romance novels.  

Our team had the opportunity to bless another family involved in the school program offered during the day. A local family has been receiving tutoring from one of the dance studio staff, and the family experienced a very difficult situation where their stepfather passed away due to health complications. The tutor shared their struggles with us, and we were able to bless the family with a financial gift and some Bible studies. Our hope had been that we would have opportunities to minister to families entering the facility, and we’ve seen God open these doors.  

Earlier this year, we saw two staff members follow the Lord’s leading to leave Precept and pursue other work opportunities. But we also saw the addition of three new staff members, and we’re very excited to see how God will use our team to engage more people in relationship with God through knowing His Word. Welcome Taren, Daniella, and Nathan. Taren comes to us with years of experience in communications. She has done a great job with our emails, social media, and print design. Daniella will help with serving our Bible study leaders on the phone, as well as work with Taren in our new communication strategy. And Nathan will take over the responsibility of our accounting. Jessica is now overseeing the ministry as an administrative manager. We’re thankful for how God is shaping our team.  

I’m encouraged to see how the Lord is opening doors across the country for the ministry to partner with churches in training workshops. 

In October, as I was in Waterloo teaching Essentials of Inductive Bible Study, we were discussing the importance of writing lists. One man sitting in the front row spoke out and was overjoyed at what he learned by slowing down.  

The associate pastor of the church is so excited to be digging into God’s Word using inductive Bible study, that he’s on a mission to grab hold of this method of study, understand it, and pass it on to his people. This is very exciting, and this is happening all over Canada!  

In September, I was in Brantford leading the Essentials of Inductive Bible Study workshop, and sitting at the front eager to learn was a brand-new Christian. This woman became a Christian the day before the workshop, and the pastor of the church sent her to the training because there was no better way to learn to study the Bible than with Precept. I was excited to see another woman come alongside of her to help her find the cross-references in her new Bible. 

Ministry partners, I want to encourage you to have Precept come to your church in 2020 with our Essentials of Inductive Bible Study workshop. This workshop is available to participants free of charge. Participants are offered the opportunity to make a donation to cover expenses, but we want to keep this workshop free.  

We’ve seen hundreds of people attend the workshop and then go off and get involved in studies or start leading our 40 Minute Studies. Your financial gifts throughout the year allow us to travel all over Canada teaching this workshop for no cost to the participants. This three-hour workshop is fantastic for engaging new people in the inductive study method, opening their eyes to slowing down and studying the text.  

If you’re interested in having this workshop in your church, here’s what you need to do:  

• Get permission from your church leadership to host the training  

• Determine a date that will work with your church and our trainers  

• Locate a room that will hold 30-50 people  

• Team up with a willing ministry partner to host the training and help promote the event to the church  

• Find a prayer warrior who will pray for the training event 


Our team will provide:  

• All the promotional material needs to advertise the workshop  

• Coaching calls with our event coordinator to ensure you have everything you need to run the event  

• Email and social media promotions  

Will you pray and ask the Lord how you can partner with us in 2020? If your life has been changed by this method of Bible study, I want to encourage you to be an active participant in leading new people to experience Precept’s method of inductive Bible study. If you’re reading this and have been leading studies with us for several years, I want to thank you for serving in this way. You’re a huge part of what God is doing through this ministry each year! 

 Later in this Plumbline we have several ways you can serve alongside us in 2020. I pray that the Lord will move you to partner with us as a workshop host, Bible study leader, student, and financial partner. 

 Thank you for praying for Precept through 2019. With great anticipation we’re looking forward to how God will use this ministry in Canada to engage people in relationship with God through knowing His Word next year. 


Serving Him and You, 

Mark Sheldrake
Precept Ministries International (Canada), National Director



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