Skills Workshops

From a 3-hour FastTrack to advanced study skills for the long-time Bible student and Leaders, we have a Bible Study Skills Workshop that will help you get the most from your Bible Study time.

Essentials of Inductive Bible Study (3-hours)

This is a 3-hour workshop that introduces you to the most essential skills for Inductive Bible Study so that you can personally interact with God’s Word, understand it’s meaning, and apply it to your life.

By the end of this workshop, you will feel renewed, trained and ready to study on your own or, better yet, to join a group. You will also learn how to make disciples using an Inductive Bible Study with confidence!


Teach Me How to Study the Bible (3-hours)

Do you long for a greater, more personal understanding of God and His Word? A way to study the Bible that will transform the way you think and live? With inductive study, God Himself becomes your teacher as you learn how to “hang on His every word” and discover truth for yourself. It’s live-changing!

Through the 3-hour training, you will learn:

  • to study the Bible book by book and understand what you are reading
  • recognize key words and concepts
  • discover the main point of any Scripture passage
  • discern God’s purpose for you
  • apply His principles to every facet of your life

How to Study the Old Testament History (1-day)

In this workshop the student will learn to apply inductive Bible study principles and method from selected Old Testament History passages and Amos’ book of prophecy. The student will acquire skills to put the Old Testament into historical perspective. The benefit they’ll receive will be in knowing how to study the Bible so it unfolds chronologically the way God wrote it. The student will understand how the Old Testament history and prophecy books lay the foundation for knowing God while letters of the New Testament tell the church how to live because of knowing God. 

  • Learn observation, interpretation, and application skills for Old Testament history.
  • Learn how to apply these skills to make proper application to your life.
  • Study selected passages from Old Testament history books.
  • Apply inductive study skills to Old Testament prophecy using the book of Amos.
  • Learn to properly interpret Old Testament prophecy books in their historical setting.
  • Understand more about who God is and how He works.

This workshop does not certify Precept Upon Precept Leadership.

How to Study New Testament Letters (1-day)

This workshop deals with how to do an overview of a New Testament epistle using Precept’s Inductive Study Method. The student will gain application insight by studying the book of Titus collectively. It’s also for Precept students who want to understand why and when to use specific study skills (how to do markings, overview a chapter of a book, use a concordance, etc.) 

  • Learn observation, interpretation and application skills for a New Testament Letter
  • Apply Inductive Bible Study skills to a New Testament Letter
  • Overview a New Testament Letter
  • Observe a chapter
  • Learn to use online word study tools

This workshop does not certify Precept Upon Precept Leadership.

Understanding Difficult Passages (3 days):

Don’t let difficult passages derail you. Learn principles of interpretation that will help you understand the passage so that you can live in light of what God is telling you in His Word.

  • This workshop focuses on principles of interpretation
  • Discuss an overview of John’s gospel, observing the repetition in the whole book.
  • Understand the meaning of John 15:1-6
  • Evaluate the doctrines of Eternal security and Fruit in believers’ lives
  • Practice steps for accurately handling a difficult passage using a text in 2 Peter.

Students must complete a pre-workshop assignment (sent to registrants prior to workshop). 

Prerequisite: Students must have completed two or more Precept Upon Precept courses or one of the following workshops:

    • How to Study Old Testament History & Prophecy
    • How to Study New Testament Letters
    • How to Lead Precept Upon Precept®

Study Program (5 days):

Study programs enrich your understanding of God’s Word and deepen your walk with Him. Whether you are unfamiliar or experienced with the Inductive Bible Study method, the experience of the Precept Study Program is one not to be missed.

Each morning you will be part of a dynamic group with an experienced Precept trainer discussing what you’ve studied and learned in your self-study time.

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