If you told me in December 2019 that 2020 would be a year in which the world would be turned upside down, I probably would have smiled and moved on with the plans our team had put in place back in November. In my ministry career I have always been a planner; I am mission and vision driven and I like to stay on plan without much deviation. I spend many hours each September and October asking the Lord to show our team the clear direction in which God wants to take the ministry in Canada.
On March 17, 2020, our plans had to be adapted to meet the growing concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic. Our country was going into a lockdown as fears of transmitting the virus were the focus of our political leaders. Just four days prior to the lockdown I was flying home from British Columbia after a wonderful week of ministry in Salmon Arm, Blind Bay and Langley. I was encouraged by all the men who had attended the training; the testimonies that were coming in from the workshops were a blessing from God.
By the end of March, the ministry moved everything we were doing to an online format with Zoom meetings for leaders, our E Team, new online classes and online training workshops. We saw close to a thousand new students engaging in the ministry from March until the end of June. I am so thankful to our team of trainers, class leaders, and staff who ensured that we would stay on mission through these difficult days. We continue to keep our focus online and will continue with this format through the first six months of 2021 as we are seeing great fruit coming from these events as we are not limited by geography and can engage more people in the online classrooms. Lord willing, by June 2021, we will be back on the road with live training workshops throughout Canada.
Covid-19 is not the only issue we are facing in North America and around the world. The war on truth continues and we are now seeing a generation that has not been raised on Biblical principles raise their voice against God’s Word. Their voices are loud and backed by people who want to celebrate lawlessness. I am not simply referring to what we have witnessed in the United States of America over the past year, but a culture that is focused on suppressing the truth of God’s Word.
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