Testimony: How to Lead a PUP Workshop

I learned about the inductive method of Bible study several years ago through Precept Ministries International. When I immigrated to Canada, it was one of the first things I set about to get involved with. I signed up for the Leader training, but the training was postponed for various reasons, and I was not able to attend. Meanwhile, I attended as many workshops as I could over the years. Once I noticed that the How to Lead Precept Upon Precept leader training was being offered in 2022, I signed up and was accepted. My excitement was through the roof! I prayed and left it in God’s hands!

The training was excellent, both in content and delivery! Mark and Sharon introduced our group to two different styles of leading the same study while not sacrificing any of the material to be taught. Personally, I loved that because no two people have the same personality!

I learned how to facilitate discussion among the group and not lecture or preach to the group, nor manipulate the discussion based on what I thought was important, which is the style I have been accustomed to in other Bible studies. I also learned that I can effectively disciple others through this type of Bible study, so others learn from what they study and not from what I tell them as the leader.

Lastly, the individual presentation was like the “magic bullet.” We had the opportunity to put all the pieces together and present a lesson to our group, knowing they knew what we ought to be doing. Mark and Sharon both gave us enough details about how they would be making the assessment and constantly reassured us that we were capable. It was a good experience and gave me an opportunity for even deeper learning as I was now leading with new information and skills.

I recommend the training to all believers who are interested in helping others study the Bible and desire to grow deeper in Him.



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