Four years ago, we started to pray and asked God to provide a facility that would allow Precept to have larger classrooms to fill with students studying the Bible each week. A place for us to film and record messages that we could send out to Canada via webcasts and podcasts. A facility to host conferences for men, women, and teens. We put all these requests on paper, submitted them to a local realtor, and said, “Find us the perfect place.” I’m so thankful that our realtors are fellow believers as they walked through this journey of faith with us.

In the summer of 2018, God opened the flood gates of blessing and provided Precept with this beautiful building that met all our requirements. Our vision has not changed in what we want to accomplish here, but we were given an opportunity beyond what we could ever imagine. Our new facility is too big to meet our current ministry needs.

In the process of purchasing, we learned that the previous owner had leased out less than 50% of the building, and the tenants wanted to stay in the building. What an amazing opportunity to have a dance academy and daycare sharing our building! Fifty-five children fill the hallways with their laugher and crying and bring a smile to our faces when we see them. There are many young families participating in dance classes. The building is busy weekdays from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm, and every Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Hundreds of families are walking the halls of Precept, commenting on our ministry, and now asking to join our in-house Bible studies. God not only provided a new building—He also provided a ministry to the community within the building!

In every season of change, there are always mountains to climb. One of our prayer requests was to be mortgage free. Although we receive income from the tenants, we still carry a mortgage. We have other projects that we must prepare for over the next few years. A new roof, a new boiler, air conditioning—to name a few.

Would you partner with us in meeting the needs of our Thrive building campaign? Together we can engage more people in relationship with God through knowing His Word.

Serving Him and you,

Mark Sheldrake
National Director
Precept Ministries Canada


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GOAL: $500,000 by 2022

Gifts can be pledged over 3 Years and be set up with Precept Ministries Canada.


$10,000 x 10 people = $100,000

$5,000 x 40 people = $200,000

$2,000 x 50 people = $100,000

$1,000 x 100 people = $100,000



Mortgage Reduction = $290,000

Roof Replacement = $120,000

Boiler Replacement = $60,000

Bible Study Display Cabinets = $10,000

Carpeting for Classroom = $6,000 (COMPLETE)

Front Office AC = $5,000 (COMPLETE)

New phone system = $4,000 (COMPLETE)


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