Time to Guard This Treasure

Paul writes to Timothy:

  • Kindle afresh the gift of God
  • Join in suffering for the Gospel
  • Retain the standard of sound words
  • Guard through the Holy Spirit the treasure which has been entrusted to you
  • Be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus
  • Entrust the words to faithful men
  • Continue in the things you have learned and become convinced of
  • Be ready to preach the Word 

A quick study of the exhortations and instructions in 2 Timothy clearly shows the importance of protecting the Truth of God’s Word and entrusting the Gospel to others who will be faithful to pass the Truth on to others.

Paul wrote 2 Timothy while in prison, and he believed that Jesus Christ was the only way to enter the kingdom of heaven. Paul desired to take that Gospel to places it had never been before, hoping who heard these truths would be plucked from the pit of hell and given a place to dwell in God’s house. Jesus left this promise with us: That He would go to prepare a place for us and then return to take us home. This is the hope found in the Gospel. After Jesus departed, He told the apostles that they would be His witnesses to the remotest part of the earth. Paul became one of these witnesses who took the Gospel to those who had never heard it.

Paul makes a profound statement in 2 Timothy 2:8–9: “Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, descendant of David, according to my Gospel, for which I suffer hardship even to imprisonment as acriminal; but the Word of God is not imprisoned.” Did you see what Paul did there? He would soon lose his life for the Gospel and be beheaded to keep him from further sharing the Truth of Jesus Christ. But Paul essentially says, “men can be silenced, but God can’t be.”

God’s Word is still going forth as classes meet online and in person. Not only does May signify Spring, but it is also the time for many leaders to wrap up their courses for Summer break. As you think about Summer, I would encourage you to challenge your students to engage others in the Word of God. Your students could be engaging others in their circle of friends in the Word of God.

In studying 2 Timothy, God clarifies what we need to make sure we do — to retain the standard of sound words, guard the treasure, and entrust it to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. Do you see why Precept Ministries and the Inductive Study Method are so valuable when it comes to guarding the treasure? Do you see a world where the Truth and the moral standard continue to become greyer than it is black and white? If you answered “Yes” to these questions, I need you to join me in ensuring the standard of Truth is retained and guarded even to the point of suffering for it. Paul was willing to give up everything for God’s Truth. When the time comes, will you be willing to make sacrifices in the areas of finance, relationships, and career or even to the point of laying down your life to protect and guard God’s Word?

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Paul tells Timothy the time is coming, but we now see the time is here; people are already not enduring sound doctrine. Listeners don’t want to hear the Truth of righteous living; they want a maligned truth that makes them feel good about how they are living. Listeners are seeking out teachers who teach according to their desires. Friends, I believe we’re coming closer to the return of Jesus Christ and now is the time to guard this treasure and make sure we entrust it to those who will be faithful with it.

Leaders, thank you for partnering with us in guarding the treasure of God’s Word in Canada. As this is our last Leader Connect until September, I want to make a request—Would you pray for a couple of areas of our ministry?

  • Pray for open doors to host in-person training for both skills and leadership workshops across Canada. We are ready to come to churches and equip believers in the Word of God not only to be better students of the Word but also to equip new leaders to start new Bible study groups. Ask the Lord if there is an open door at your church to host one of these workshops.
  • Pray for those God is calling to lead studies, but they may be fearful or apprehensive to lead. Our training workshops are designed to equip students to lead with confidence. We have multiple leadership workshops available. These future leaders may need your encouragement to be equipped.

Thank you for praying. See you at our May Leader Connect gathering on Zoom.




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