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I’m happy to report that Eden is doing well! She is 3 months post treatment and besides her short hair, you’d never know she was ever sick! She looks amazing and feels amazing. She is enjoying going back to all of her activities that she loves. We don’t have to hold her back from being at church or playing with her cousins. We celebrate little things like going back to the dentist! My dad bought a pig for Eden (he keeps it at his farm!) and she gave birth to 8 piglets. Eden is delighted and loves to play with the piglets as often as she can.

Her doctors plan to perform ultrasounds every 3 months as they are looking at her liver to make sure that there is no growth of the scar tissue/tumours. The type of lymphoma that Eden had is very curable and relapse is not common. However, if relapse occurs, it becomes very difficult to treat. If relapse happens, it’s usually within the first couple of years. Our prayer is that she will remain cancer free.

A prayer of ours is that we continue to walk in complete trust of God as a family. We pray that we can continue to turn away every fear and doubt. Fear of relapse. Fear of side effects. God has done so much in our faith journey. I pray that He will continue to reveal Himself to all of our kids. That they will always know His goodness despite our circumstances. That they will know who God is, what His nature is. That He will be their anchor in the storms of life.

We’ve also met many other hurting families that are not believers. Families that have sick kids, some with a poor prognosis. I pray that we can shine God’s glorious light and hope to them. That we can share our expectant hope of eternal LIFE! I pray that they will run to Christ with their pain and find comfort in knowing that He’s preparing a home for us where no sickness and pain can touch them.

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