We’re Not Ready for Meat

When God called me to teach, I pulled what I now call an ‘Abraham.’ I went in with no idea where I would end up. I brought the Inductive style of study to my small church which had been spoon-fed for too long. As an enthusiastic student, I assumed everyone else would have this passion, this hunger, to get deeper into God’s word. I expected people to respond with, “Marking? Yes, please!” “An hour of study time with God per day? Let’s make it two hours!”

I was soon hit with the reality of the consequences of spoon-feeding. My students just weren’t ready. They love how in-depth the PUP studies go, and God was revealing precious truths to them, they said. But they just didn’t have time for the homework. This was mentioned to me at the beginning of my second PUP course.

Needless to say, I was heartbroken. I felt I had failed them. How could I have completed an entire study with them and not recognize that the lack of discussion was not due to their shyness, but because they hadn’t done their work? How did I fail to give them the desire and hunger to study God’s word? I shared this with other Precept Leaders on the Precept Online Community. I am a new teacher, so I must be doing something wrong. I asked advice for something I thought was a novice’s problem. For an entire week, my brothers and sisters in Christ sent me messages, supported me, and encouraged me. Some put me in my place, which was needed! They reminded me that I failed no one. I answered God’s call, and it was up to Him to move in my students. People from across North America reminded me that I had to give it all to God. So I did.

Nothing is impossible with God! There has been such a change in my students. “Marking? How should I mark this word?” “An hour of study time with God per day? I can’t wait!” It’s incredible to see God working so quickly, and I know it’s because of the prayers of those in the community. I’m grateful, and thankful, to the Online Community. I am a small island in a big city which has little Precept activity, and the ability to communicate with fellow leaders is very special to me.

—Nicole, London, Canada

It is through your prayers and God's faithfulness that we are on the verge of expanding the work of Precept like never before in the history of the Ministry. God gave us the vision to reach 30,000 new Canadians with Inductive Bible study. And we can see that it is truly His vision.

Have we met our goal? Not yet. But we are well on our way, and I know God will continue to be faithful as we follow His leading. Thank you for hearing God's call and partnering with us in this incredible opportunity.

Blessed by your partnership,

Mark Sheldrake, National Director

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