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Are you new to the Precept Bible Study? If you are not sure where to begin, here are the resources and studies to help get you started to know God deeply.

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Learn how to study the Bible

LORD, Teach Me To Study The Bible In 28 Days


Discover how to study the Bible in just 28 days with this practical, hands-on and heartfelt study that is perfect for individuals or small groups. Learn how to study Scripture by marking the text to unlock its meaning and discern God’s purpose and apply life-changing truths to your everyday life.

Learn how to pray

LORD, Teach Me To Pray In 28 Days


Discover practical insights to help you know how to pray, what to pray, and what to expect when you pray. This look at biblical prayer is refreshingly simple and exceedingly powerful—and it can transform the way you live and pray.

Also available in a milano softone cover and with accompanying CD and DVD teachings by Kay Arthur.

Learn how to dig deeper

These powerful resources opens up the world of Inductive Bible Study by introducing and cultivating the skills of observation, interpretation and application—skills that make the difference between spectators and participants in God’s Word! Share them with others who are thirsty for more from their Bible studies.

How To Study Your Bible


How To Study Your Bible Workbook


New Inductive Study Bibles

Designed with you in mind to support your studies

Every feature of The New Inductive Study Bible is designed to help you gain a more intimate understanding of God and His Word. This is the only Bible based entirely on the inductive study approach—providing simple, proven tools for observing what the text says, interpreting what it means, and applying it to life. The New Inductive Study Bible will dramatically change the way you read and relate to God’s Word.

Teach kids how to study the Bible & pray

Kids find out for themselves what the Bible is all about—and do it in exciting ways! The best inductive studies for kids, these hands-on books help teach the basic skills of how to pray and how to study the Bible to prepare them for a lifetime of discovering God and Scripture for themselves.

Compelling stories, engaging activities, and fun puzzles create a study ideal for Sunday school classes, home schools, and independent study. Accompanying teacher’s guides are also available.

How To Study Your Bible For Kids — D4Y


LORD, Teach Me To Pray For Kids — D4Y