Answer the Call

Do you have a passion for others to know God deeply? 

If so, you value the power of God through His Word to redeem sinners and transform believers into people who are willing to answer and obey their call to the Great Commission.

God is using Precept Ministries to teach the Precept Bible Study Method to people around the world.


Each year our trainers and leaders equip individuals to discover the soul-saving, life-transforming Truth of God’s Word for themselves. 


Will you partner with us to establish Canadians in God's Word?

At Precept Ministries Canada, we believe we've heard God speak very strongly about our part in the Great Commission. He has told us to make disciples by teaching people to observe His Word.

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Our Financial Commitment


Precept Ministries Inc. is audited annually by an independent firm of certified public accountants. Our most recent audit report is available upon request. We are committed to handling your gifts in a godly manner and are dedicated to responsible stewardship.

All funds designated included are spent on Board approved projects. It is understood that a designated gift will be used as designated until the need is met and then may be used where most needed. All gifts are receipted officially for income tax.

Canada Revenue Agency Charities Information. Precept Ministries Inc. is a member of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.