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Our study series cover nearly every book of the Bible at different depths of study and made to suit your schedule. Whether you’re interested in a specific topic, a broad survey, or an in-depth study — there is a study for you.

In Group

No homework for busy schedules

40-Minute Bible Studies

Studies to learn how to think biblically, and discover what God has to say about your real-life questions.

Discovery Studies

A short study you can do on your own or with a friend, great for beginners.

God's Redemption Story

This study walks you through God’s gracious, epic plan for redeeming His people, from Genesis to Revelation.


Up to 2 hours of homework per week

LORD Series

Topical studies that offer a personal, heart-to-heart approach to Bible study alongside solid Bible teaching.

New Inductive Study Series

Powerful, engaging studies covering every book of the Bible created to help you discover truth for yourself.

Precepts For Life

Discover the Truth of God’s Word with Precepts For Life featuring Kay Arthur


Up to 3 hours of homework per week

In & Out

Streamlined in-depth studies with less homework than our intensive studies.


Up to 5 hours of homework per week

Precept Upon Precept

Our richest and most in-depth studies that offer the fullest Bible study experience.


For ages 4-12 and their teachers

Beginner Inductive Study Series

Studies designed to help children build a familiarity with and love for God’s Word at an early age.

Discover 4 Yourself

Hands-on books that teach basic Bible study skills for a lifetime of discovering God’s Word.


Shaping young minds for the future

Inductive Bible Study Curriculum

Easy to use studies that equip students with tools necessary to discover truth for themselves.

Transform Weekend Series

Lead students directly into God’s Word to examine different subjects and themes that are relevant to today’s generation.