Contend For The Faith  |  The Book of Jude

The letter from Jude is short, just 25 verses and Jude appeals to the believers to fight for the faith during a time when false teachers were spreading their bad doctrine to the church.  Christianity was under attack and Jude called the church to fight in the spiritual war.

Sound like today?  Join us over the next 5 episodes as we study Jude.

Get your book to study along with us and make the most of this study! Problems within the church prompted Jude to preach a strong message about God’s judgment of sin. Did you get the message? Learn more about the day of judgment in this timely study. Get your copy of one of our Jude studies— Choose a Jude study from Precept Upon Precept, In & Out or New Inductive Study Series (NISS).

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