Genesis Part 1 — CD Kay Arthur | Set

Genesis Part 1 — CD Kay Arthur | Set


Lecture Series by Kay Arthur
Lesson Set CD
Genesis chapters 1-2

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” Do I believe this statement that God has revealed in His Book? What does this really mean, and how does it affect my daily life?

When you immerse yourself in the Biblical account of Creation, you will be led to know your Creator in deeper ways, increasing your awe of Him. You will also gain insight into who you are in relationship to your Maker and will gain a more complete understanding of your own purpose and how to live. Explore the Biblical account of Creation found in chapters one and two, how the world was created, and how man came into being.

Runtime approx. 60:00 audio CD programs, but lengths vary so see individual CDs for length. (4 CDs, one lesson per CD.) Cut:7/2012; Edited: 9/2012-1/2013


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