All workshops train you to establish yourself in God’s Word and make disciples. With COVID-19 restrictions, you may find extra time at home on your hands or may be wanting to change up your schedule. Well, as you make your next plans we wanted to point out that Precept Canada runs a number of one-off workshops that help teach you skills that enable you to dig deeper into your studies so you can know God deeply. So take advantage of being at home and this opportunity! 

Leader Workshops

Has God given you a desire for others to know God?  Get ready to transform your community with Scripture and become a Precept Bible Study Leader. Try it out by taking one of our Leader Training Workshops, such as How to Lead Precept Upon Precept.

Are you already a Precept Leader? Workshops and training equip you with the tools for you to use and to guide your students. Tell your students about Skills Workshops where they can sharpen their skills. And be on the lookout to raise up new leaders in your group by encouraging them to attend Leader Training opportunities. If you’re a qualified PUP Leader, why don’t you consider developing your leadership through Planning and Leading Precept Upon Precept Discussions or Leadership Skills Development.

Skills Workshops

We want you to know God through studying his Word. There are a variety of workshops available to develop your Study Skills to know God’s Word deeply for yourself. Everyone should start with a Level 1 workshop like Essentials of Inductive Bible Study, and then work your way up through Levels 2 and 3. Or if you are looking for people to study with, there are many Online Studies available. Both of these offer different levels of difficulty and time commitments to meet you exactly where you are. 

Begin your Precept journey today and sign up for our FREE Training workshops! Click the button below to see our full schedule, find more details about each workshop and to register.


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